NFt art that even
Leonardo Da Vinci would
collect them.

A masterpiece with great impact in the history of  art that should also last in the digital world of NFT crypto art.  The collection of Monart NFT,  represented with the unique style of each artist, born from digitized physical works. We are sure that Leonardo Da Vinci would also like to see this.

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Why Monalisa?

Monalisa hypnotizes with its history. This special collection it's not just an NFT, it's NFT art. Physical artworks inspired by Monalisa, now in the NFT world. We are very excited about this collection because we connect digital and physical art about a masterpiece of great impact and value. Monalisa and this collection are overflowing with talent and art.

Leonardo Da vinci

He was a genious, we don´t need to explain that but try to imagine what he would feel if he saw the value of his painting as one of the most precious in the history of art.

Monart NFT is art

We present a tribute to the work of Leonardo da Vinci that you can find in the OpenSea market. Our NFT collection is made in partnership with renowned artists in Barcelona and inspired by Mona Lisa.

The NFT collection

It will not only be present digitally in the OpenSea market, but you will also have the opportunity to see these artworks in exclusive exhibitions to discover collections of 500 NFT per city. Ready to buy an NFT artwork?

About us

Between us, we have been planning this theft for a long time, it’s been over 100 years since the Mona Lisa was stolen and it is time to give her story a new twist We can’t give you too many details, otherwise the plan is ruined so shhh! but the team is ready. Rumors are starting to spread, but no one knows what to expect and you can’t even imagine!

We will bring to Barcelona the Monart NFT collection that comes to invade and fill with art the city. Rumor has it that Leonardo da Vinci heard about it and came to meet the team behind the idea. We explained the proyect to him and he loved it! A genius ahead of his time, he obviously wanted his Monalisa to be part of this crazy world of NFT and finally understood what a «Non-Fungible Token» meant.

 So we decided to select with him the best artists and launch Monart NFT. Did Leonardo da Vinci travel in time or was it just a dream of one of the team members, who knows?

10 artists have been selected in Barcelona for their pathway and national as well as international recognition in the art world to be part of an ambitious collection. The backgrounds are inspired by monument of the main cities, each city has 10 representative artists, but let’s take it easy, first Barcelona.

To achieve a connection between Monart NFT´s membership and artists, we will have exhibitions in art galleries, where we will exhibit the physical works and people will be able to buy the NFT with ethereum, If you buy a nft artwork, you are part of the Monart NFT community and you will enjoy the benefits of a collection that will increase in value over time.

Discover our collection in the OpenSea marketplace and check in rarity tools too. Yes, we know there are other Monalisa’s collections, but Do you really compare us with them? Our muse is represented in different ways, each one is unique so you can collect them. Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of us.

Next Monart NFT

Physical artworks

Anyone who owns a piece from the NFT collection will be able to see the value of the artwork over time. The physical artwork will be displayed in different galleries of the selected cities and once the Monart NFT exhibition in New York is over, the owner of the NFT will have the physical artwork.

Monart NFT is pure art

10 artists present us a Monalisa in Barcelona, combining the beauty of the artwork and the views of the city…​

Anna Patrusheva
IG: @si.beriana
My style is energetic and bright positive colors. combination of pop-art and realism.
Jan Altadill
IG: @jan_zefor @a2zeta
Mural artist, multifaceted and color blind.
Sol Guadalupe Magris
IG: @solgmagris
My style is realism mixed with a bit of abstract in some cases. Oil painting technique.
Martí Huguet Illán
IG: @mvrtihuguet @a2zeta
I'm a mural painting artist and work in aerosol.
Marc Lapedriza
My style is realistic with mixed technique of spray and acrylic on canvas.
Joaquin Gil Bella
IG: @bad15899
I’m only use spray paint for allmy works, my style is graffiti, street art.
Luis Sánchez Duarte
IG: @duarte_graffiti
The style of my works is predominantly tenebrist with some features of surrealism.
Xavier Julià Sànchez
IG: @barcelonink
I am an illustrator and urban sketcher. In my paintings I look for spontaneity and accept mistakes as a natural part of the process.
Sarahi Wilmary
IG: @sarainkgarcia
I’ve been a tattoo artist for 6 years, the style of my paintings is realistic with fusions of other styles.
Marcos Aguasanta
IG: @sigmamirrors
I’m a digital illustrator, graphic and video game designer with experience in educational games.
Sonny Kirchner
IG: @misonnyartfestival
Monart NFT Event Director

Background Barcelona

This is only the beginning of different exhibitions in the major cities of art.


December 21'
Q1 2023
Q1 2023
March 23’ - Paris
September 23’ - Berlin
March 24' - Milan
September 24’ - NY

Very soon we will be ready in Rarity Sniper

Community benefits

Monart NFT will be an active community where each member will be important in the decision-making process of the project
  • The holders of the NFT referring to the physical painted work will receive the physical painting at the end of the next city exhibit of the project. So they will receive it at the end of the Paris collection.

  • NFT rarities holders will be able to order the print of their artwork in a smaller size than the original artwork.

  • NFT holders will be able to participate in some decisions and vote for the project.

  • Holders will have advantages in the form of airdrops and whitelists in the next collection depending on the % of rarities of their NFTs

  • Another utility is the creation of the brand Monart NFT Store, e-commerce with merchandising of the brand, using the works created by the artists, where the holders of the NFT of Barcelona will be investors in this project collecting their annual dividends simply by the fact of owning the NFT on December 31.


If you have any other questions, contact us!

Monart NFT is a collection of 550 NFT

Whitelist august
Presale: September
Mint: October

Our collection will be released into the Ethereum blockchain using the standard Erc721a.

You will be able to purchase a Monart NFT on the OpensSea website.

We will reveal it as the date comes closer.

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